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Crock Attack Collection DVD

Crock Attack Collection DVD | $29.93

Dive in for a 3.5 hour swim with one of the most powerful predators on earth, the crocodile. You'll get a nose-to-snout look at these ferocious creatures that somehow simultaneously strike fear and obsession in the hearts of the humans they encounter. You'll witness the terror that unfolds when…
Gator Boys: Season 2 DVD

Gator Boys: Season 2 DVD | $14.93

…death-defying Gator Boys into another season of explosive action, as the team continues to rescue alligators from the humans they encounter. Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle of Gator Boys Alligator Rescue risk it all to capture gators by hand and protect them from rival trappers and frightened…
Wild Recon DVD

Wild Recon DVD | $29.95 $4.97

…Wild Recon DVD Set, and be prepared for some heart-stopping wildlife encounters. In the Wild Recon DVD Set, youll join animal expert and adrenaline junkie Donald Schultz as he travels the world in search of rare species that may hold vital cures for deadly diseases. Buy the Wild Recon DVD Set, and…
Feeding Frenzy DVD

Feeding Frenzy DVD | $14.98

In the Feeding Frenzy DVD, watch as host Chris Douglas observes some of the most frightening, man-eating beasts on the planet. And he does it from a 700 lb glass cube, aptly named the "Predator Shield." A wildlife DVD, follows Douglas and his team of animal experts into the African plains to get…
Gator Boys DVD

Gator Boys DVD | $14.93

Gator Boys follows the death-defying exploits of Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, two extraordinary alligator trappers who risk injury and death to hand-capture nuisance alligators that have invaded the backyards, pools, garages and bedrooms in Florida.
Gator Boys: Season 3 DVD

Gator Boys: Season 3 DVD | $29.93

…Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, risking their lives to wrangle gators out of harm s way is just another day at the office. Season 3 sees Gator Boys Alligator Rescue moving on up to Mississippi, where the waters are murkier and the gators have a major advantage in the fight. But that won t stop Paul,…
Gator Boys: Season 4 DVD

Gator Boys: Season 4 DVD | $29.93

…into restoring the old wrestling pit while still fielding calls to save alligators, and it has everyone stretched to the breaking point. Then a bit of gator girl rivalry sends the sparks flying. All the alligators the team has saved puts space at the park in high demand, yet the team continues…
White House Pets DVD

White House Pets DVD | $14.98

…in the United States becomes home to a menagerie of colorful animals in the wild n' woolly documentary "White House Pets" (2008). From the alligator of John Adams to William Howard Taft's cow, the pet choices of American Presidents haven't always been relegated to dogs and cats! This good-humored…
Wreckreation Nation DVD

Wreckreation Nation DVD | $24.95 $4.97

DVD takes you on an adventure of outrageous hobbies. From punkin chunkin to alligator wrestling, the antics and competition are unending. In the extreme hobbies DVD, be fascinating as the creative minds of small-town people invent some wild and ingenious pastimes. In the Wreckreation Nation DVD,
Submarines-Hidden Hunters DVD

Submarines-Hidden Hunters DVD | $14.98

…the history, development and uses for these amazing man-made machines of the deep. Films include Submarine: Hidden Hunter, End of Red October, The Ultimate Guide: Submarine and Hunt for the U.S.S. Alligator: U.S. Navys First Sub. Fans both old and new will find plenty to love in this nautical set!
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Swamp Loggers DVD

Swamp Loggers DVD | $19.95

The Swamp Loggers Season 1 DVD takes you to the bayou where Bobby Goodson has created a career out of logging in the swamps. Because it's infested with mosquitoes, alligators, snakes and more, most people stay as far away from this venue as possible. The Swamp Loggers DVD shows you the dedication…
Man vs. Wild: Collection 1 DVD

Man vs. Wild: Collection 1 DVD | $19.98

The Man vs. Wild Season 1 DVD set will introduce you to the harrowing exploits of soldier and outdoor expert Bear Grylls. The British Navy Commander puts himself in extreme survival situations all over the world, every week, so that we can learn how to think and act quickly to remain alive. In the…
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Best of Discovery: Men of Discovery Edition DVD

Best of Discovery: Men of Discovery Edition DVD | $49.95 $4.97

…bayou to take on a potentially deadly scenario: lost in a 1,000 square mile labyrinth of water channels and bogs with an estimated 1.5 million alligators and six species of poisonous snakes including water moccasins. To make it out, Dave and Cody are equipped only with what a lost boater might have,…
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