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MythBusters "failure is always an option" T-shirt - Black | $26.95

…whatever. The MythBusters have never been ones to shy away from failure -- after all, failure often reveals other paths to success. The classic black Mythbusters short sleeve shirt is 100% cotton (imported) with the Mythbusters logo just below that favorite Adamism: Failure is always an option!
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MythBusters Season 11 DVD

MythBusters Season 11 DVD | $24.95

…Volunteer Special tackles a myth about zombie weapons and how best to wait in line at a store. An army of human guinea pigs/volunteers help out! Failure Is Not An Option Its the last ever Myths Revisited as the guys drift on dirt, fire at fish tanks and blow crap up, all in the name of science!…
Last American Cowboy DVD

Last American Cowboy DVD | $19.98

…disease, fires and death. Success hinges on hard work, loyalty, grit and determination. Its clear from the Last American Cowboy Series DVD set that failure could put an end to their ranch and to a tradition sewn into the fabric of every American. These could be the final days of the Last American…
Space Flight Collection DVD

Space Flight Collection DVD | $14.93

…You'll travel to obscure destinations such as Saturn's moon, Titan, as well as view the all-familiar walk on the moon in a whole new light. This fascinating collection of the triumphs and failures of our journeys throughout the universe will prove most certainly that the sky is not the limit.
Dark Matters: Twisted But True DVD

Dark Matters: Twisted But True DVD | $14.93

…Youve probably never heard of Horace Wells, but he may have saved your life. In the 1840s Wells tried to invent anesthesia using laughing gas. But failure transformed him into an object of ridicule. Desperate to salvage his reputation, Wells experimented with a new drug, Chloroform. He had no idea…
Stop Moaning, Start Owning (Paperback) Book

Stop Moaning, Start Owning (Paperback) Book | $14.95

…by misunderstanding what "the pursuit of happiness" really means, failing to differentiate wants from needs, and externalizing blame for our own failures. In the second part he explains how we got so off-track, leading to an "Age of Entitlement," and the "saving grace" that calls us back to personal…
Sally Ride (Hardcover) Book

Sally Ride (Hardcover) Book | $25.99

…the Columbia disintegration that killed all aboard. In both instances she faulted NASAs rush to meet mission deadlines and its organizational failures. She cofounded a company promoting scienceand education for children, especially girls.Sherr also writes about Rides scrupulously guarded personal…

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