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 Gold Rush Season 3 Dvd

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Gold Rush: Season 3 DVD

Gold Rush: Season 3 DVD | $29.93

In Season 3, the Hoffman crew returned to the Klondike to once again mine the Quartz Creek site but also brought on additional crewmen to simultaneously work another site in the area. But with Hoffman having delays and equipment trouble at his site they decided to merge. Parker Schnabel returned to…
Gold Rush: Season 4 DVD

Gold Rush: Season 4 DVD | $29.93

This 4-disc set is a gold mine, filled with a 15-hour treasure hunt spanning three different countries. Season 4 sees the Hoffman crew set out for the greener grass of the Guyana jungle, while the Dakota boys head for an uncharted mountain in Alaska, and Parker exchanges the comforts of home for the…
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Best of Discovery: Men of Discovery Edition DVD

Best of Discovery: Men of Discovery Edition DVD | $49.95 $4.97

…to set up a gold mine and strike gold before winter closes them down. They face, bear attacks, flooding, constant breakdowns, infighting, fatal illness and many more adventures as they struggle to get down to the gold and save their families. Disc Four: I. River Monsters x2 (Season 3) - #130239 Eps.…
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