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Dinosaurs Collection DVD

Dinosaurs Collection DVD | $19.98

…Mosasaur's success was its incredible jaws. At 6 ft in length, they were as big as those of T Rex, but Mosasaur had an extra set of teeth on the roof of its mouth that tractored prey down its gullet. We build a life-size, fully operational set of steel Mosasaur jaws to test exactly how this monster…
Prehistoric: Predators of the Past DVD

Prehistoric: Predators of the Past DVD | $14.98

Presents a fun look at the biggest and toughest monsters of the ancient world. We will find the biggest claws and jaws of the land, sea and air to see how their built-in weapons made these creatures the strangest and fiercest creatures of their time.
Monster Bug Wars DVD

Monster Bug Wars DVD | $14.98

…wins when a delicate Cellar Spider takes on Spiderworld's thousand-pound gorilla, the White Tailed Spider? With the fastest jaws in the business, a tussle between the Trap Jaw Ant and the bizarre, burrowing Ant Lion should be no contest at all. But is it? A neighborhood dispute between the Brown…
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