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Best of Discovery: Men of Discovery Edition DVD

Best of Discovery: Men of Discovery Edition DVD | $49.95 $4.97

…Disc Three: I. American Chopper x1 (Senior Vs Junior) - #56399 Eps. 4 - Meteorite Men Bike: The guys at OCC are tapped to build the ultimate meteorite hunting vehicle for the Science Channel"s "Meteorite Men". Meanwhile Paul Jr. moves forward with his plans for his first solo bike build, a web…
Medicine Men Go Wild DVD

Medicine Men Go Wild DVD | $14.98

View The Medicine Men Go Wild DVD, and go deep into the jungle as you follow doctors Chris and Alexander Van Tulleken. The two men explore the medicines of nature and rituals of the remote. In the medical DVD Medicine Men Go Wild, decide for yourself what real medicine is, and what other types of…
Street Outlaws Burn Rubber Men's Tank

Street Outlaws Burn Rubber Men's Tank | $26.95

…you think you have what it takes to reach the top of Big Chief's list, show it with this Street Outlaws Burn Rubber Men's Tank. For true adrenaline junkies and fans of Discovery's "Street Outlaws" gang, this sleeveless shirt invites you to hit the road in true outlaw style. 100% CottonRegular…
Naked and Afraid Censored Men's T-Shirt

Naked and Afraid Censored Men's T-Shirt | $26.95

Naked and Afraid Censored Men's T-Shirt
Yukon Men: Season 4 DVD

Yukon Men: Season 4 DVD | $29.95

After a dark and cold Alaskan winter, the Yukon Men emerge to find themselves under siege: a new road threatens to open the town to the outside world, dwindling resources and government bans challenge their hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and a double homicide shakes them to their core.
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Yukon Men: Season 1 DVD

Yukon Men: Season 1 DVD | $29.93

…from the Arctic Circle lies a town on the edge of civilization: Tanana, Alaska. This frozen village of 200 is part of an unknown America where men hunt and trap to survive, existing like modern day cavemen. The inhabitants continually battle Mother Nature to seize the narrow window of opportunity…
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Yukon Men: Season 3 DVD

Yukon Men: Season 3 DVD | $29.93

…with these Yukon Men and their families emerging from the dark days of winter to refuel and restock, only to find that the fiercest blizzard of the year is barreling straight toward them. Recovery from the blizzard will be slow and will have some questioning their future as Yukon Men. But stoically…
Yukon Men: Season 2 DVD

Yukon Men: Season 2 DVD | $29.93

…with thick hides and iron wills. And it ll take much more than these slippery slopes to scare them away from the only place that they call home. Together as one, they will continue the battle, locking horns with Mother Nature, determined to raise another generation worthy to be called the Yukon Men.
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MythBusters: Urban Legends DVD

MythBusters: Urban Legends DVD | $14.98

…fun than checking out when you want to learn about some of the most famous stories circulating in popular culture. Your favorite men of discovery, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, are at it again to debunk myths, legends and rumors. Watch the Myth Busters DVD that compiles the most famous…
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Architecture & Design of Man and Woman DVD

Architecture & Design of Man and Woman DVD | $19.95

…not to answer challenges in athletic contests, but to provide advantage in the game of life. Men have denser bones and greater muscle mass than women. Women can endure more pain and live longer than men. Is one sex "designed" to be superior to the other? For the answer, one needs only to examine the…
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Lethal Guardian (Paperback) Book

Lethal Guardian (Paperback) Book | $6.99

Recounts the true story of Connecticut real-estate lawyer Beth Carpenter, who, deeming her sister's new husband, Anson Clinton, unfit to care for her niece, convinced her sexually obsessed boss and lover to hire two hit men to kill Anson.
Deadliest Catch Flag T-Shirt - Black

Deadliest Catch Flag T-Shirt - Black | $26.95

…is the Amerian Dream, and the hardworking men and women on the Deadliest Catch face long days, incredible challenges and the dangerous Bering Sea to live that dream. Salute to these hard working seamen and show you're an ultimate fan of this Discovery Channel show with the Deadliest Catch Flag…
Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe: Collection 7 DVD

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe: Collection 7 DVD | $19.98

An unflinching look at the unsung American worker, and the unusual but vital vocations that must be done. There's a lot to learn as host Mike Rowe introduces us to an elite assortment of men and women who make their living doing the most unthinkable jobs.
Man vs. Wild: Season 6 DVD

Man vs. Wild: Season 6 DVD | $14.98

…of navigating remote locations, sharing invaluable survival strategies along the way. Episodes Include: Disc One: Arizona Sky Islands Borneo Jungle Malaysian Archipelago Global Survival Guide New Zealand South Island Disc Two: Land of the Maori Men of the Wild Iceland Fire and Ice Red Rock Country
Navy SEALs Training DVD

Navy SEALs Training DVD | $19.98

…was yesterday. The training of Navy SEALs DVDs show you just how much goes into the preparation of the men who protect our great nation. The training of Navy SEALs series DVDs follow the 83 men of Class 234 selected for Basic Underwater Demolition (SEAL-BUDS) training have the toughest six months…
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Ice Cold Gold: Season 1 DVD

Ice Cold Gold: Season 1 DVD | $29.93

…and startling discoveries await at every turn, and the distance from home eventually takes its toll. Physically and mentally drained, will these men and the families they leave behind survive the risks and responsibilities required to strike it rich? And in the end, will the men return with the…
Deadliest Catch: Season 4 DVD

Deadliest Catch: Season 4 DVD | $24.98

…most dangerous professions in the world in Discovery Channel's top-rated, Emmy Award-winning hit seriesDeadliest Catch. Crab fishing this season on the turbulent, frigid Bering Sea proves to be exceptionally difficult as the injuries pile up. Two men get hurt by a loose picking hook, and a veteran…
Harley and the Davidsons [Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD]

Harley and the Davidsons [Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD] | $24.99

…the turn of the 20th century. Walter, Arthur, and Bill risked their entire fortunes and livelihoods to launch the budding enterprise. Each of these men faced very different challenges, but it was the motorcycle that united their dreams and ambitions. An American legacy, Harley Davidson remains the…
Moonshiners Logo T-Shirt

Moonshiners Logo T-Shirt | $26.95

…carry on traditions passed down through generations to create their own illegal liquor. Moonshiners masterfully captures the process and the men behind the moonshine. This soft black Moonshiners Logo T-Shirt features the Moonshiners logo, glowing and in a style that mimics the type on canning…
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Naked and Afraid Seriously T-Shirt - Green

Naked and Afraid Seriously T-Shirt - Green | $26.95

When the men and women of Naked & Afraid get dropped off in the wild, things get serious. Seriously naked, that is! If you love watching these distressed duos battle the elements while baring it all, show your support with this Naked & Afraid Seriously t-shirt. The bright green cotton shirt spells…
Voices From The Front DVD

Voices From The Front DVD | $14.95

…of the Iraq War and the Vietnam mission that asked the unanswerable - "What is the value of one man's life?" This unique view of the battlefield, straight from the source, will give a new perspective of a country at war and an even deeper respect for the men and women who are risking it all.
Swamp Loggers DVD

Swamp Loggers DVD | $19.95

…the soggy bottoms to be reborn across the country. In the Swamp Loggers Season 1 DVD, fourth generation logger Bobby Goodson and his rugged crew of men venture where most won't go and take on the dangerous swamp to harvest valuable timber and haul it to the mill. But in these trying times, a harsh…
Dual Survival Adapt To The Elements T-Shirt - Black

Dual Survival Adapt To The Elements T-Shirt - Black | $26.95

…t-shirt "Adapt to the Elements" and let the world know you appreciate the weekly survival efforts of the hosts of the hit series in which two men take on nature's toughest elements. Matt Graham and Joseph Teti live by the phrase featured on the black t-shirt, and they put themselves in harm's…
Ebola (Paperback) Book

Ebola (Paperback) Book | $13.95

…Acclaimed science writer and explorer David Quammen first came near the virus while he was traveling in the jungles of Gabon, accompanied by local men whose village had been devastated by a recent outbreak. Here he tells the story of Ebolaits past, present, and its unknowable future.Extracted from…
Gold Rush: South America DVD

Gold Rush: South America DVD | $29.93

…Hoffman crew ventures into the uncharted territory of South America to extend their search for gold. Leaving the snow and deep bedrock of Alaska, the men must traverse the deserts, jungles, and steep mountain roads of Peru, Chile, and Guyana. But as turf wars erupt with the locals, the crew finds…
The Wright Brothers (Hardcover) Book

The Wright Brothers (Hardcover) Book | $30.00

men and how was it that they achieved what they did? David McCullough, two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, tells the surprising, profoundly American story of Wilbur and Orville Wright. Far more than a couple of unschooled Dayton bicycle mechanics who happened to hit on success, they were men of…
Gunslingers: Season 1 DVD

Gunslingers: Season 1 DVD | $19.97

…facts to recreate these infamous icons and the time in which they lived. With gunfights and manhunts, outlaws and gentlemen, and the fastest gun in the West, witness if you dare the frontier s bravest and rowdiest men as they make their place in history in an epic battle for justice and survival.
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Snowblind DVD

Snowblind DVD | $19.95

…Everest than have finished the thousand-mile journey on a dogsled through Alaska's arctic winter. During the Iditarod DVD, you realize that all the men and women who face its dangers and hardships are heroic, but 23-year-old Rachael Scdoris brings her own very special brand of heroism to the epic…
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Bristol Bay Brawl DVD

Bristol Bay Brawl DVD | $19.95

…comes not from freezing temperatures and deadly conditions, but from being in close proximity to the competition. In this economic landscape, these men will stop at nothing to ensure they have enough to make that mortgage payment or put food on their table. Buy a thrilling Bristol Bay Brawl DVD and…
The Floor Of Heaven (Paperback) Book

The Floor Of Heaven (Paperback) Book | $16.00

…of thousands rush northward. Joining this throng of greenhorns and grifters, whores and highwaymen, sourdoughs and seers are three unforgettable men. In a true-life tale that rivets from the first page, we meet Charlie Siringo, a top-hand sharp-shooting cowboy who, after futilely trying to settle…
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