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Arsenal Of Assault DVD

Arsenal Of Assault DVD | $19.98

Explore the science and cutting-edge technology that goes into making the latest weapons and military equipment. From smart missiles to futuristic lasers, this collection Includes: Size it Up: Artillery and Subs, Tank Overhaul: The Hellcat, Future Weapons: Top Guns and Smart Destroyers, and first 2…
Great Planes DVD

Great Planes DVD | $19.98

Get inside the combat aircraft that survived the most dangerous missions and see why they were the greatest and most influential weapons in our military history. Paul "Max" Moga returns as our expert host to help us examine and highlight the stories behind the most strategic and innovative planes.…
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Eye Of The Sniper: Ultimate Combat Edition DVD

Eye Of The Sniper: Ultimate Combat Edition DVD | $19.98

DVD in a shower of intense urban firefights, grenade blasts and machine gun fire. Indulge in an endless feast of today's most advanced weapons including sniper rifles, man-portable firepower, tanks and artillery, robotic warriors, and shock and awe weapons. Never before has a military sniper DVD
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Combat Ready DVD

Combat Ready DVD | $14.98

This Military Channel documentary gives the general public an unprecedented look at how the U.S. troops at the front lines prepared for war in Iraq and beyond. This comprehensive, never-before-seen look at everything from battle techniques to strategy sees the troops as they play ancient strategy…
Navy SEALs Training DVD

Navy SEALs Training DVD | $19.98

Follow the Navy SEALs series DVD of training as 83 men voluntarily put their bodies and minds in jeopardy to become a member of the elite unit known as the Navy SEALs. Chosen out of 1,500, they train, run, fight, dive, and swim for their lives 24 hours a day, knowing that the only easy day was…
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Science of War DVD

Science of War DVD | $14.98

…who! For the first time on television The Military Channel will take viewers inside the Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts, one of the most sophisticated and little-known research facilities on the planet. In the Science of War military DVD, the Soldier Systems Center campus at Natick…
Ancient Earth Collection DVD

Ancient Earth Collection DVD | $29.93

…Plus, three episodes of Superweapons of the Ancient World will revive some of the most destructive weapons of Greek and Roman war. Using top military engineers and other modern-day experts, skilled teams will recreate the frighteningly deadly legends: the Ram, the Claw, and the City Destroyer.…
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Future Flight Collection DVD

Future Flight Collection DVD | $14.93

Future Flight takes to the skies of tomorrow on-board shape-shifting planes, top-secret military aircraft, and jets with self-healing wings.
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Showdown: Air Combat DVD

Showdown: Air Combat DVD | $19.98

Showdown: Air Combat DVD
Toughest Military Jobs DVD

Toughest Military Jobs DVD | $14.98

Toughest Military Jobs Prove your worth and valor in the face of danger with the Toughest Military Jobs DVD. Defending a nation is no easy task -- one mistake and billions of dollars and countless lives can be lost. In this series, you'll explore the most difficult and dangerous jobs on land, in the…
American Warriors DVD

American Warriors DVD | $19.98

American Warriors DVD
Backyard To Battlefield DVD

Backyard To Battlefield DVD | $14.98

As the nature of battle continues to change, the US military is working on a new breed of tools and they are tapping the little guy for brainpower! Explores the path inventors take in their garages, basements, dorms, and labs as they construct amazing gadgets, vehicles and equipment, all of which…
Mission Demolition DVD

Mission Demolition DVD | $14.98

…combat engineer Sapper Leader Course at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, one of the toughest most arduous elite soldier training schools in the Military. Episode 1 The Sapper students begin 28 straight grueling days of training. Their physical and mental skills are stretched to the limits and…
Return Salute DVD

Return Salute DVD | $14.98

Many stories begin on the battlefield, many upon the return home. Return Salute introduces us to three veterans who are granted very special, very personal wishes upon their return from battle. It is a chance for them to reconnect with the memories and joys they left behind to fight our wars, and…
Battlefield Diaries DVD

Battlefield Diaries DVD | $19.98

Battlefield Diaries DVD
Mission: Classified DVD

Mission: Classified DVD | $19.98

Mission: Classified DVD
Fight For Fallujah DVD

Fight For Fallujah DVD | $29.93

The Fight for Fallujah chronicles the intense 2004 insurgent attacks and military operations in Fallujah, which defined a new era of military engagement in Iraq.
Gunslingers: Season 1 DVD

Gunslingers: Season 1 DVD | $19.97

The Wild West lives on in unprecedented glory through the GUNSLINGERS series an irresistible mix of historical authenticity with the captivating appeal of cinematic storytelling. Wrangled together in one collection are your favorite real-life legends from the O.K. Corral, Billy the Kid, Jesse James,…
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Greatest Tank Battles DVD

Greatest Tank Battles DVD | $19.98

Greatest Tank Battles DVD
Surviving D-Day DVD

Surviving D-Day DVD | $14.98

This is an epic story of the twelve-hour battle for Omaha Beach, which changed the course of World War 2. But one of the biggest turning points in modern history hinges on some surprising factors. It is a battle where strategy was decided by stage magicians. Where conventional weapons were used…
Voices From The Front DVD

Voices From The Front DVD | $14.95

Through this raw and all-too-real collection from the Military Channel, gain access to the intensity of a soldier's life - as well as the inescapable threat of death - on the front lines. Including footage filmed by servicemen and women themselves, civilians will take a revealing tour of what a…
Two Weeks In Hell DVD

Two Weeks In Hell DVD | $19.95 $14.99

…Hell DVD features the U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets, America's unconventional warfare specialists. Whereas the military's focus usually is on brute-force tactics, the Green Berets rely on creative, innovative, and stealthy tactics to destabilize an enemy from within. The Green Beret DVD Two…
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Alien Invasion: Are We Ready DVD

Alien Invasion: Are We Ready DVD | $14.93

Aliens attacking Earth - it's the stuff of sci-fi stories, but what if it really happened? Host, Michelle Rodriguez brings together top scientists and military strategists to dramatize what would happen if and when aliens attack.
Dual Survival: Season 2 DVD

Dual Survival: Season 2 DVD | $29.93

Experts agree there are some very basic and universal rules for surviving in the wild. Find shelter, find water, find food, find help. Beyond that, there's not much they agree on. Meet military-trained Dave Canterbury and naturalist Cody Lundin trained survival experts featured in this series.…
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Cake Boss: Season 3 DVD

Cake Boss: Season 3 DVD | $39.95 $4.97

The special edition Cake Boss Season 3 DVD set offers more delightful exploits of Buddy Valastro, master baker at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. On the popular reality show, Buddy takes an international journey, and he and his family celebrate the 100th anniversary of their famous bakery.…
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First To Fight: Living Up To The Legacy DVD

First To Fight: Living Up To The Legacy DVD | $19.98

…the motto the United States Marines live by as they are often the primary attack force for any major offensive. This in-depth, 2-disc History Channel program gives viewers a rare view of how those Marines train and the weapons they use. There's also a revealing study of some of their major…
Dark Matters: Twisted But True DVD

Dark Matters: Twisted But True DVD | $14.93

…Vladimir Gavreau finds his laboratory flooded with a mysterious energy that has debilitating effects on the human body, his research is taken in a menacing new direction. Did he invent a new type of weapon of mass destruction? His work, and its military uses, remain shrouded in mystery to this day.
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