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MythBusters: Mega Movie Myths DVD

MythBusters: Mega Movie Myths DVD | $14.98

…effects. Learn from the Myth Busters DVD about mega movie myths, what is real and what is not real on the big screen so you can spend your time at the movies figuring out how they did that stunt rather than being tempted to try it on your own. Watch Myth Busters Mega Movie Myths DVD as pop culture's…
MythBusters: Urban Legends DVD

MythBusters: Urban Legends DVD | $14.98

…Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, are at it again to debunk myths, legends and rumors. Watch the Myth Busters DVD that compiles the most famous of the famous urban myths and be in the know among your peers. The Myth Busters Urban Legends DVD brings you several episodes in a fascinating disc as Jamie…
MythBusters Season 11 DVD

MythBusters Season 11 DVD | $24.95

…C4! Volunteer Special The MythBusters Volunteer Special tackles a myth about zombie weapons and how best to wait in line at a store. An army of human guinea pigs/volunteers help out! Failure Is Not An Option Its the last ever Myths Revisited as the guys drift on dirt, fire at fish tanks and blow…
Best of Discovery: Men of Discovery Edition DVD

Best of Discovery: Men of Discovery Edition DVD | $49.95 $4.97

…are back in the school of hard knocks, as they retest Knock your socks off. The last time they tested this myth, nothing they tried could separate Buster's leg wear from his feet, and then myth was down for the count. Or was it? According to the fans, No. We received hundreds of emails telling us…
MythBusters: Buster's Biggest Crashes DVD

MythBusters: Buster's Biggest Crashes DVD | $14.98

…From his fateful trip in the Elevator of Death to the Bridge Jump that claimed his last limbs, we'll see the finest sacrifices of Buster's time. The MythBusters don't just tell the myths, they put them to the test. 4 Episodes:Buried in Concrete, Cooling a Six-Pack, Buster Special, Mega Movie Myths
MythBusters: Jaws Special DVD

MythBusters: Jaws Special DVD | $19.95

…(and many unknown) myths that many take for granted to be true in a fun-filled science-based TV show. The Jaws Myth Busters DVD titled Are Sharks Attracted to Red? brings on the facts so youll be set for Shark Week with all the right answers. The Myth Busters Jaws Special DVD takes you along with…
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