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Day/Night Illuminated Globe

Day/Night Illuminated Globe | $99.95

…blue ocean political map when not lit. Turn the light on and witness the incredible change to the sky at night. The Night globe names and shows 88 constellations and more than 35 of the brightest stars. This unique globe is great as night light and it features a black base and pewter plated die-cast…
Quadrone Spark

Quadrone Spark | $69.99

…you command the sky day or night! With a 200 feet flight distance, it is the perfect pass time flying activity! Features:Out of the box ready to fly6 Axis Gyro 2.4GHZ Remote Control360 Degree Turns, flips and rollsAll-encompassing protective cage360 LED light-up night light featureControl Distance:…
Orion Illuminated Desk Globe

Orion Illuminated Desk Globe | $111.95

…pewter finish may have a heavenly appearance, but it shows the Earths wondrous expanse with perfect clarity. Just like Orion lights up the night sky, this Orion can light up at the touch of a button, a perfect feature for a unique nighttime experience. The Orion Globe measures 13'' W x 12'' D x…
Odyssey QR-12 Shadow Drone

Odyssey QR-12 Shadow Drone | $99.95

…radio-control quadcopterIntegrated 640 x 480 camera can record video or still images, which can be downloaded and sharedIntegrated LED lights for night flights4-channel, 6-axis gyro systemIncludes 4 extra propellers2GB SD card includedRun on 3.7V Li-poly, rechargeable via USB battery…
Laser Pegs Formula Racer

Laser Pegs Formula Racer | $31.99 $27.97

…speed? Look no further than this remarkable 12 in 1 Formula Racer kit from Laser Pegs! Strap into the driver's seat as you build the Modified Racer, Convertible, Street Racer, and many more. Light up your creations as you punch the pedal to the metal to continue racing your friends all night long!
Laser Pegs Bulldozer

Laser Pegs Bulldozer | $27.99

…kit comes jam packed with some heavy-duty models like the Claw Crane, Excavator, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and many more. Need to put in the long hours? Light up your creations to keep the fun going all night long! Includes Power Block Power Base, 2 Laser Pegs, 100 Construction Bricks, and 4 Tire Pegs.
Bushnell 250-Lumen Rubicon Headlamp

Bushnell 250-Lumen Rubicon Headlamp | $49.99

…brightness to dim light for close viewing. Featuring a Red Halo low-lumen mode, the Headlamp is designed to enhance sight without compromising natural night vision. Certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), each Rubicon headlamp has been tested for light output, beam distance,…
Odyssey Nebula Cruiser NX Quadcopter

Odyssey Nebula Cruiser NX Quadcopter | $129.95

…push of a button. Nothing moves like the Nebula or looks like it! The Nebula has a total of 36 multi-colored LEDs, which light up the sky as well as let you drive it at night without the fear of losing it! Features:Lightweight quad-copter designed with simplicity and maneuverability in mindOver 2…
Moonscope and SkyGazer's Activity Journal

Moonscope and SkyGazer's Activity Journal | $49.95

…Journal Scope out the magnificent nighttime sky! Magnify the night sky up to 90x and see amazing things such as mountains on the moon and Saturn's rings! Comes with two all-glass eyepeices, lens cap and tripod with built-in red LED light, special moon filter for scoping in the dark, 22 page Sky…
Stolen Innocence (Paperback) Book

Stolen Innocence (Paperback) Book | $12.95

Eleven-year-old Erin Merryn's life was transformed on the night she was sexually abused by her cousin, someone she loved and trusted. As the abuse continued, and as she was forced to see her abuser over and over again in social situations, she struggled with self-doubt, panic attacks, nightmares and…
Astronomy: Cool Women in Space (Paperback) Book

Astronomy: Cool Women in Space (Paperback) Book | $9.95

Head outside and look up. What do you see? At night you might see stars, the moon, the Milky Way, and planets! During the day all these things will still be there, but theyll be hidden by the bright light of the sun. Astronomy is the study of celestial objects and whats beyond the nebulous…
Explore Fossils! (Paperback) Book

Explore Fossils! (Paperback) Book | $14.95

…encouraged to consider their own role in geological time to make thoughtful hypotheses about the future. Children's - Grade 3-4, Age 8-9 Cynthia Light Brown is the author of several books for Nomad Press, includingAmazing Kitchen Chemistry Projects You Can Build Yourself and Explore Rocks and…
Eye Of The Sniper: Ultimate Combat Edition DVD

Eye Of The Sniper: Ultimate Combat Edition DVD | $19.98

…life or death. Competitors test their abilities to place accurate shots under the cover of night in the Night Unknown Distance. Their skill at navigating the terrain stealthily will be tested in the Night Movement, then pushed to the limit during the Stalk event, which challenges teams to go…
MythBusters: Season 8 DVD

MythBusters: Season 8 DVD | $34.00 $21.97

…a spare. Then, Kari, Grant and Tory find out if a fishing reel can really catch fire if you hook a fast fish. Let There Be Light Jamie and Adam test a Hollywood lighting myth, while Kari, Grant and Tory go gangbusters trying to stop out of control cars. Paper Armor Adam and Jamie explore the physics…

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