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Hunting The Lost Symbol DVD

Hunting The Lost Symbol DVD | $19.95

…also includes two episodes of Secret America, lurking behind the most iconic symbols of America, are conspiracy theories, myths, and lies. Shop for the Hunting the Lost Symbol DVD and explore the mysteries behind some of the most well-known symbols in America, as revealed in Dan Brown's best-selling…
The Haunted House Diaries (Paperback) Book

The Haunted House Diaries (Paperback) Book | $16.99

…unexplainable details of a wide variety of phenomena that frequently occur in this otherwise normal area of Connecticut, which may also be the site of a secret military base. After reading The Haunted House Diaries, you will undoubtedly wonder: Are our assumptions about the paranormal all wrong?
Dinosaurs Collection DVD

Dinosaurs Collection DVD | $19.98

…discover their secrets. Buy a Dinosaurs Collection DVD, which is a thrilling collection of information from an in-depth analysis of the search for the T-Rex to the Dino lab, where scientists bring flesh and blood dinosaurs to life, while they run experiments to discover their secrets. Valley of the…
Storm Chasers: Season 3 DVD

Storm Chasers: Season 3 DVD | $19.98

…return to Tornado Alley, now armed to get closer than ever to America's deadly twisters. Meteorologist Reed Timmer, Imax filmmaker Sean Casey and weather engineer Tim Samaras battle weather and each other, to get images and data that could help decode the secrets of Nature's most intense storms.
Dark Matters: Twisted But True DVD

Dark Matters: Twisted But True DVD | $14.93

…unthinkable, things only whispered, facts tucked into files stamped Top Secret. One by one, Dark Matters unravels horrifying mysteries from all over the world, presenting the twisted but true facts behind each event. The secrets behind historical events are revealed and further questions are posed.…
Amish Confidential (Hardcover) Book

Amish Confidential (Hardcover) Book | $24.99

…From the forbidden joyrides to the senseless shunnings to the colorful family feuds, he shares his frank insiders view of this fascinating and secretive society. Youve seen the pretty postcards and the shiny tourist brochures. Now, Amish Confidentialtakes readers beyond the buggies, bonnets, and…
Into The Unknown With Josh Bernstein DVD

Into The Unknown With Josh Bernstein DVD | $39.95

…an actual ark or a man called Noah? Josh Bernstein investigates a compelling new theory about the truth behind this extraordinary story. The Secret Life of Gladiators: Josh Bernstein is on a quest to uncover the true story of the Gladiator. Participants in history's most deadly sport, Hollywood…
River Monsters: Season 2 DVD

River Monsters: Season 2 DVD | $19.98

…and debunking weirder underwater myths. Jeremy Wade will travel the globe and risk life and limb on his journey to uncover the truth about the dark secrets of our planet's rivers and lakes. The River Monsters DVD show you mysterious predators with the potential to kill including the Giant Snakehead,…
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Wild Recon DVD

Wild Recon DVD | $29.95 $4.97

…animal adventurer Donald Schultz on a mission to the exotic nation of Belize, nestled between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coast of Central America. He sets out on a dramatic search for deadly animals that are the targets of poachers, like crocodiles, sharks and rays. His goal is to collect…
Sister Wives DVD

Sister Wives DVD | $14.98

…Series DVD is shattering stereotypes, the Browns show viewers a type of polygamy that has never been seen before a lifestyle so close to mainstream America, yet so seemingly well adjusted. Episode 1) Meet Kody & the Wives: Meet the Browns, a seemingly regular family on the outside, but with a twist…
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