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MythBusters: Jaws Special DVD

MythBusters: Jaws Special DVD | $19.95

…out with a horde of sharks in the Bahamas. The Myth Busters DVD Jaws special DVD tells you whether sharks can detect a single drop of blood in the water, whether wearing a red bathing suit is like ringing the dinner bell for these toothy predators, how you can turn a scuba tank into an anti-shark…
Shark Week Fin Women's Tank - Blue

Shark Week Fin Women's Tank - Blue | $26.95 $14.97

For you, Shark Week is not just a week of amazing shark footage and programming -- its a state of mind. Live that shark life all the weeks of the year with the Shark Week Womens Tank. The blue tank features spaghetti straps and a fantastic Shark Week logo printed in faded white.
Tanked: Season 1 DVD

Tanked: Season 1 DVD | $29.93

…- Acrylic Tank Manufacturing - in the middle of a desert, these guys get no shortage of seemingly impossible requests. After 14 years in the family business, they know it takes hard work, creativity, and a big sense of humor not to drown in the stress of success. But whether it's a shark tank
Tanked: Season 2 DVD

Tanked: Season 2 DVD | $29.93

…in New York orders up a shark tank for his new office, a game enthusiast in Chicago wants a pinball-machine aquarium, and a team in Pensacola asks to convert their bus into a mobile aquarium just to name a few. Plus, the guys gather to talk about their favorite tanks, fish, and pranks from Season…
Tanked: The Official Companion (Hardcover) Book

Tanked: The Official Companion (Hardcover) Book | $26.95

…Animal Planet's hit show Tanked, rowdy brothers-in-law Wayde King and Brett Raymer build outrageous, larger-than-life, one-of-a-kind tanks for some of the most striking fishand clientsaround. No job is too big, too far, or too outlandish as they and their team at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) in…
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