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Solar Power PLUS Kit

Solar Power PLUS Kit | $89.95

…solar-wind sail car, crane, amphibious boat, motorcycle, beach buggy, race car, side-car motorcycle, trailer, elevator, oil tanker, maintenance car, solar car with clutch, street sweeper, backhoe, helicopter, twin-prop airplane, and cable car. This kit includes two of the special solar panels and…
Space Exploration (Hardcover) Book

Space Exploration (Hardcover) Book | $8.99

…Zoom in on a dozen key moments in the history of space explorationfrom Sputnik 1 (the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth) to theCuriosity rover, a car-size device sent to Mars to see if the planet has ever been able to sustain lifein this journey through the solar system and beyond. Ages 5-9.
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