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Street Outlaws: Season 1 DVD

Street Outlaws: Season 1 DVD | $29.93

…for this white-knuckle ride into the world of illegal street racing. On the midnight highways of America, there s a firestorm brewing as highway hustlers race for the top spot on the street. It s a constant upheaval as the up-and-comers call out the #1 spot in a race for the crown. Swarming cops and…
Cash Cab DVD

Cash Cab DVD | $19.95

…for correctly answering a series of fun trivia questions. But in the Cash Cab DVD, play the game and answer three questions wrong and you're out on the street. Buy the Cash Cab Season 1 DVD and play along with unsuspecting passengers, as they attempt to correctly answer questions for big money and a…
The World's Most Haunted House (Paperback) Book

The World's Most Haunted House (Paperback) Book | $15.99

…interviews, police reports, and rare documents. Access unreleased audio, poltergeist sounds, and an old radio broadcast. Return to 1974 and feel the Lindley Street experience from the inside. Find out why it is deemed the haunting that should have brought the paranormal into mainstream science.
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Bitchin' Rides License Plate

Bitchin' Rides License Plate | $16.95

…designer Dave Kindig says, "There are a lot of great machines out on the road, but only a few are Bitchin' Rides." If you've got a car in your garage that would make the crew at Kindig-It Designs drool, than give it a little street cred with this Bitchin' Rides License Plate. The plate black license…
Gang Wars of Oakland DVD

Gang Wars of Oakland DVD | $19.95

…members who own the streets and enforce their rules with guns and violence. A crime DVD shows you how it's all part of what everyone calls "The Game" a world of drugs, money, and retaliation. Find the Discovery DVD and you will witness the cycle of violence that is spinning out of control, even as…
Pit Boss DVD

Pit Boss DVD | $19.95

…the everyday drama and joy of these buddies and business partners who hit the streets of Los Angeles in their fight to overcome stereotypes for themselves and the pit bulls they save. Buy the Pit Boss DVD to find out how Shorty Rossi and his crew of little people overcome many obstacles to save…
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Ghost Lab DVD

Ghost Lab DVD | $19.95

…Corral back in the 1800's. According to witness testimony, spirits from the Wild West days may still be walking the streets of this ghost town. Brad and Barry head there to find out the truth and uncover both the history and the science behind the haunting. They begin the investigation at The…
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Big Daddy's Rules (Paperback) Book

Big Daddy's Rules (Paperback) Book | $15.99

…to what he felt (and did) the time he caught someone looking at his teenage daughters butt. He lays out all the rules for being a Big Daddy someone who is strong, devoted, and always looking out for his kids best interests, even when that means not being the coolest dad on the block. Overprotective?…
Eye Of The Sniper: Ultimate Combat Edition DVD

Eye Of The Sniper: Ultimate Combat Edition DVD | $19.98

…Rifles The sniper DVD puts the incredible power of the sniper rifle in the hands of the lone marksman. With the power, stealth and capability to take out targets a few feet wide from distances of over a mile, the sniper rifle earns its stripes as an Ultimate Weapon. The deadliest .50 caliber weapon…
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