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Bigfoot (Paperback) Book

Bigfoot (Paperback) Book | $15.99

…and educated theories surrounding Bigfoot. Revealing a substantial collection of evidence supporting Bigfoots existence, this book provides details of the creatures history, habitats, and behaviors. With thought-provoking discussions on Bigfoots elusiveness and potential psychic powers,Bigfoot…
The Bigfoot Book (Paperback) Book

The Bigfoot Book (Paperback) Book | $19.95

…eyewitness reports? Audio-recordings exist purporting to be the creatures eerie chatter and bone-chilling screaming. Whether called Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, or something else, bipedal primates appear in folklore, legends, and eyewitness accounts in every state of the union and many places around…
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Finding Bigfoot (Paperback) Book

Finding Bigfoot (Paperback) Book | $14.99

…from the stars of the show, photographs and extras from the Animal Planet's archives, and so much more. Skeptics will be given all the information they need to decide for themselves if they believe, and enthusiasts will revel in this essential Bigfoot book. Do you hear that howl? Bigfoot is calling.
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Monster Hunters (Paperback) Book

Monster Hunters (Paperback) Book | $16.95

Do ghosts exist? What about the Bigfoot, or Skinwalkers? And how will we ever know? Journalist Tea Krulos spent over a year traveling nationwide to meet individuals who have made it their lifes passion to hunt down evidence of entities that they believe exist, but that others might shrug off as…
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American Monsters (Paperback) Book

American Monsters (Paperback) Book | $16.95

…this comprehensive guide covers the history, sightings and lore surrounding the most mysterious monsters in Americaincluding Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and more. Bigfoot, the chupacabra, and thunderbirds arent just figments of our overactive imaginationsaccording to thousands of eyewitnesses, they…
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