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Living with Tigers DVD

Living with Tigers DVD | $14.95

Tigers DVD takes you inside South Africa, as John Varty and Dave Salmoni teach two Bengal tigers how to live in the wild. Born in captivity at a Cincinnati zoo, the two Bengal cubs are without the mother who would normally teach them to hunt for sustenance. The Bengal tigers DVDs Living With Tigers,
Into The Lions Den Living With Tigers DVD

Into The Lions Den Living With Tigers DVD | $14.98

…to live with lions. Unarmed and alone, Salmoni believes that humans and lions can live together peacefully, and attempts to prove his theory at the risk of his own life. The bonus feature "Living with Tigers (2003) follows two tigers raised in the Cincinnati Zoo, who are released into the wild.
Tiger: Spy In The Jungle DVD

Tiger: Spy In The Jungle DVD | $19.95

…are on their most exciting mission yet - to film the story of tiger cubs growing up deep inside India's Pench National Park. With the aid of Camera-carrying elephants, this extraordinary program follows the different stages of a tiger's life from playful cub to unruly adolescent to powerful young…
Feeding Frenzy DVD

Feeding Frenzy DVD | $14.98

…700 lb glass cube, aptly named the "Predator Shield." A wildlife DVD, follows Douglas and his team of animal experts into the African plains to get up-close and personal with lions and tigers and bears, oh my! In the Feeding Frenzy DVD, join daring host Chris Douglas as he practically serves himself…
Monster Bug Wars DVD

Monster Bug Wars DVD | $14.98

…boxing Balloon-Winged Katydid with hard-hitting spiny limbs? The Freshwater Crab has heavy armor and heavy-duty claws, but can it defeat a slimy Tiger Leech with twin suckers and razor-sharp teeth? When a Portia Spider and a Long-Jawed Orb Weaver meet on a silk high-wire, someone will be played like…
Shark Week: Jawsome Encounters DVD

Shark Week: Jawsome Encounters DVD | $19.98

…waters from Florida to Taiwan to find the largest, fastest, and most unique sharks in existence. Dive deep into the mystery of "zombie sharks" in New Zealand, get up close and personal with Tiger Sharks lurking below the surface in idyllic Hawaii, and explore Great Whites off the coast of Australia.
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Fatal Attractions: Season 3 DVD

Fatal Attractions: Season 3 DVD | $29.95

Bears living on a farm turn savage. A performing tiger attacks and kills one of its human co-stars in a touring show. A fathers pet python turns into a nightmare for his own daughter. Whether its a home filled with 57 venomous snakes or killer hippos on a rampage, these cautionary tales show how a…
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Big Cats: Secret Lives DVD

Big Cats: Secret Lives DVD | $14.93

…relationships with big cats: a wild mother leopard, an abandoned lion cub, two adopted leopard cubs and his current project - bringing two captive-bred tiger cubs to Africa and teaching them to survive in the wild. Over time, Varty would be accepted into one of nature's most exclusive clubs . . .…
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River Monsters: Season 2 DVD

River Monsters: Season 2 DVD | $19.98

…secrets of our planet's rivers and lakes. The River Monsters DVD show you mysterious predators with the potential to kill including the Giant Snakehead, Goliath Tiger Fish, Giant Stingray, and Bull shark. Buy the River Monsters Season 2 DVD set and explore the waters as Jeremy Wade discovers legend…
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Finding Bigfoot: Season 1 DVD

Finding Bigfoot: Season 1 DVD | $29.95

…the speculation. Plus, four bonus episodes will explore other elusive creatures like the Chupacabra, America's Loch Ness monster, and the Tasmanian tiger, giving you more than seven hours of fact-finding missions that are truly stranger than fiction. Includes: Alaska's Bigfoot Island Caught on Tape…
Awesome Pawsome: The Next Generation DVD

Awesome Pawsome: The Next Generation DVD | $14.98

…1998, four baby Bengal tigers became instant celebrities in Dreamworld'sTiger Island on Australia's Gold Coast. The cubs grew up as the "Awesome Pawsome". Ten years later and the Tiger Island team have a new challenge, this time working with the incredibly rare Sumatran tiger. Hand raising four new…
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