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Night DVD

Night DVD | $19.98

Night DVD
Volcanoes DVD

Volcanoes DVD | $19.95

…Volcanoes DVD, you learn about the awesome power hidden in the sometimes-dormant mountains. From hot lava to devouring ash, the volcano is nothing if not deadly. During the volcanic eruption DVD, see a countdown of the top 10 lethal devices bubbling inside a volcano. The Volcanoes DVD shows how a…
Snowblind DVD

Snowblind DVD | $19.95

The Snowblind DVD is a remarkable story of a 23-year-old woman who happens to be blind. She is fascinated with the idea of competing in the Iditarod and lovingly rears 16 sled dogs to enable her dream. The Iditarod DVD takes you into the dangers of the thousand-mile journey across Alaska's frigid…
Weaponology DVD

Weaponology DVD | $19.98

DVD targets the high-tech future weapons and their history. Follow the path of creation as you learn the path to existence for these high-tech machines. In the Weaponology videos you look beneath the surface and into the deep technology that created the deadly weapons.In the Weaponology DVD Set you…
Prehistoric DVD

Prehistoric DVD | $14.98

Rewind the clock on 6 major cities and watch as they shrink into farmlands, battle sites, mammoth habitats and dinosaur territory. Chicago, L.A., New York, D.C., Denver and Dallas will never look the same to you again. 6 episodes. 2010/color/4 hrs., 18 min/PG/widescreen.
Oceanic DVD

Oceanic DVD | $14.98

The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth's surface and contains 97 percent of the planet's water, yet more than 95 percent of the underwater world remains unexplored. The ocean is key to transportation and recreation. Its resources may hold the cures to many diseases, as well as provides answers to…
Life DVD

Life DVD | $59.95 $24.99

The 4-disc Life DVD set brings all the breathtaking episodes of the groundbreaking natural history series into one collection. The intrepid production teams and filmmakers who brought the world the TV phenomenon, Planet Earth, have now crafted another masterpiece Life a series that would require…
Verminators DVD

Verminators DVD | $19.99 $6.97

This product is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store. Bedbugs, spiders, rats, roaches and termites are waging a deadly war against mankind. Standing between them and us are the Verminators. Follow Mike Masterson and his hand-selected team as they do the job that frightens – but fascinates…
Battlefield Diaries DVD

Battlefield Diaries DVD | $19.98

Battlefield Diaries DVD
Hippos & Rhinos DVD

Hippos & Rhinos DVD | $14.98

Hippos & Rhinos DVD
Mission: Classified DVD

Mission: Classified DVD | $19.98

Mission: Classified DVD
Sister Wives 2 DVD

Sister Wives 2 DVD | $14.98

Sister Wives 2 DVD
American Warriors DVD

American Warriors DVD | $19.98

American Warriors DVD
Showdown: Air Combat DVD

Showdown: Air Combat DVD | $19.98

Showdown: Air Combat DVD
Too Cute Kittens DVD

Too Cute Kittens DVD | $14.98

Too Cute Kittens DVD
Greatest Tank Battles DVD

Greatest Tank Battles DVD | $19.98

Greatest Tank Battles DVD
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When Dinosaurs Ruled DVD

When Dinosaurs Ruled DVD | $14.98

When Dinosaurs Ruled DVD
Planet Evolution DVD

Planet Evolution DVD | $19.98

Planet Evolution DVD
Survivorman: Season 1 DVD

Survivorman: Season 1 DVD | $19.98

…and much more. The Survivorman DVD set is a Discovery Channel Store exclusive. The Survivorman Season 1 DVD episodes include:Arizona Desert Boreal ForestGeorgian SwampCosta Rican OceanArcticMountainsPacific CoastCanyonlandsLost at Sea Buy the Survivorman Season 1 DVD set and live on the edge, or at…
Pets 101 DVD

Pets 101 DVD | $19.95

…in their cage. In the animal DVD Pets 101, youll find the answers to questions such as: Which furry pet can swim better than most dogs? Which tiny pet can roll into a perfect little ball, wearing up to seven thousand spikes for defense? The Pets 101 Animal Planet DVD also solves the questions: Which…
Cash Cab DVD

Cash Cab DVD | $19.95

In Cash Cab Season 1 DVD, unsuspecting New York City taxi passengers hail a cab and suddenly find themselves on a TV game show. They can win money for correctly answering a series of fun trivia questions. But in the Cash Cab DVD, play the game and answer three questions wrong and you're out on the…
Swamp Loggers DVD

Swamp Loggers DVD | $19.95

The Swamp Loggers Season 1 DVD takes you to the bayou where Bobby Goodson has created a career out of logging in the swamps. Because it's infested with mosquitoes, alligators, snakes and more, most people stay as far away from this venue as possible. The Swamp Loggers DVD shows you the dedication…
Feeding Frenzy DVD

Feeding Frenzy DVD | $14.98

In the Feeding Frenzy DVD, watch as host Chris Douglas observes some of the most frightening, man-eating beasts on the planet. And he does it from a 700 lb glass cube, aptly named the "Predator Shield." A wildlife DVD, follows Douglas and his team of animal experts into the African plains to get…
Survivorman: Season 3 DVD

Survivorman: Season 3 DVD | $19.98

…Season 3 DVD Set takes you to the world's farthest reaches with survival expert Les Stroud. Ever wonder how you'd fare in the Arctic tundra, the rugged Sierra Nevada or the Australian Outback without special gear and only your wits and stamina to sustain you? In the Survivorman DVD set from season…
Deadly Waters DVD

Deadly Waters DVD | $19.95

In the Deadly Waters DVD, join Les Stroud as he visits the top five most infamous places for sharks. This 43 minute video will introduce you to those shark-infested waters and conduct tests to see why shark attacks are so prevalent. A shark attack DVD, is a must-see for enthusiasts and for the…
Survivorman: Season 2 DVD

Survivorman: Season 2 DVD | $19.98

…Survivorman season two DVD set continues with:Kalahari Venture to the scorching red sands of the Kalahari Desert one of the most extreme climates on earth. Learn how there are many critters to watch for, as Les treads carefully through these dangerous sands. The Survivorman Season 2 DVD Set charges…
Bristol Bay Brawl DVD

Bristol Bay Brawl DVD | $19.95

…certainty, it's the competition that can be deadly. In this herring fishing DVD documentary, watch as the crews risk life and limb to bring in the biggest haul and hopefully, the most lucrative one too. The Bristol Bay Brawl DVD is an up-close and personal introduction into the untamed world of…
Creating Synthetic Life DVD

Creating Synthetic Life DVD | $19.95

The Creating Synthetic Life DVD offers a behind-the-scene look at the one of the leading scientists in the field of synthetic genomes. Dr. Craig Venter discusses his work, and its implications on the world. The Science Channel DVD features more than an hour of fascinating discussion of one of…
Narcotic Nation DVD

Narcotic Nation DVD | $19.95

The Narcotic Nation DVD takes you along a three-part journey following meth, heroin, and cocaine. Go inside the lives of people whose once-successful lives have been rocked by the world of drugs. The drug DVD Narcotic Nation introduces you to the battle fought daily by law enforcement, narcotics…
Sharkbite Summer DVD

Sharkbite Summer DVD | $19.95

…Summer DVD, bite accounts continue to rise and panic is starting to set in, as it seems there is no end in sight. In the Sharkbite Summer DVD, it's the summer of 2001 and America is gripped by shark fever. Were the Ocean's apex predators really taking back America's shores? The Shark Bite Summer DVD

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